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2021 in the health news



Behind the massive efforts to get the community vaccinated lies a network of partnerships forged and / or deepened during the pandemic.

One of the most notable collaborations of the year was the Cleveland Innovation District, a research and education partnership between five anchor institutions (Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University ) who say they are already making progress in hiring, education and research.

The public-private partnership is supported by $ 565 million in seed funding, with $ 110 million from JobsOhio and about $ 155 million paid to the Cleveland Clinic from the state.

The clinic is committed to spending $ 300 million on projects for the district, which are designed to drive job growth and innovation in Northeast Ohio. Although the collaboration was underway before the pandemic, the public health crisis has helped unify and accelerate its formation.

Another key partnership formed during COVID was that between the clinic and the UH. The pandemic has required collaboration between Cleveland’s health juggernauts, historical competitors, as well as other regional hospitals and systems, including MetroHealth, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, Firelands Regional Medical Center and Southwest General Medical Center.

The UH and the clinic reflected on the commonalities and lessons learned in a joint white paper, establishing a roadmap for future collaborations to meet public health needs in the region.

This year has also started to show more firmly how the pandemic has permanently altered healthcare.

The health crisis has shown more than ever the link between public health and education, providing an opportunity to deepen relationships and expand the role of school health programs.

Plus, virtual caregiving is here to stay after COVID forced a seismic shift from in-person visits to telehealth appointments. Suppliers are now navigating her new role. The pandemic has also highlighted how essential digital equity is in the fight for health equity.