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6 Month Nursing Course in South Africa: Institutions and Programs



Nursing is becoming an increasingly preferred profession across South Africa. How long can it take to become a caregiver in the country? Read on to find out which institutions offer 6-month nursing courses in the country.

To become a caregiver in South Africa, you must have the necessary qualifications and be registered with the South African Nursing Council. Photo: Morsa Images
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The South African Council of Nurses recognizes three types of caregivers, namely Registered Practical Nurses or Sisters, Registered and Registered. The apprenticeship period is generally four years for a diploma and three years for a national diploma. If you only want to become a registered nursing aide, you can enroll in a 6 month nursing course in Cape Town and other parts of South Africa.

6 months nursing course in South Africa

There are various institutions that have received accreditation from the South African Nursing Council to provide training. The council has also established strict rules which guarantee respect for the dignity of the nursing profession. Where to register for a 6 month care program? Here are some of the institutions.

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Programs for registered and licensed nurses offered by Netcare Education

Netcare offers the following courses:

  • Anesthesia and recovery room skills
  • Central sterilization service technician
  • Basic intensive care nursing
  • Basic neonatal intensive care nursing
  • Basic Pediatric Critical Care Nursing
  • Infection prevention and control nursing
  • Maternity Nurse
  • Operating room skills
  • Pediatric Cardio-Thoracic Nursing
  • Trauma and emergency nursing

6 month programs offered by Mediclinic

Mediclinic offers the following certificate courses in collaboration with South African higher education institutions.

  • Nursing care in anesthesia and recovery room
  • General intensive care
  • Nursing care in the operating room
  • Emergency nursing care
  • Nursing Sciences of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cardiac Interventions
  • Oncology / hematology nursing
  • Cardio-thoracic intensive care

Programs offered by Gem Auxilary Nursing School

Gem Auxilary offers the following courses:

  • Home Care
  • Skills development program – Partial qualification (NQF level 01)

Can you become a nurse in 5 months?

6 month nursing internship in South Africa
Undergraduate health care degrees last 4 years, national degrees last 3 years, while senior certificates last one year or less. Photo: Studio Phynart
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According to the South African Nursing Council (SANC), it takes a four-year undergraduate degree or a three-year national degree from an accredited institution to become a qualified caregiver. After obtaining either qualification, they undergo clinical training in a hospital or approved training institution. You will then have to register with the SANC to legally practice the caregiver.

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If you want to work as a registered practical nurse, you can register for a higher certificate. Qualification typically takes a year or less. Licensed practical nurses provide basic nursing care under the supervision of registered and licensed nurses with national degrees or diplomas.

After becoming a registered nurse, registered nurse or qualified nursing assistant, one can follow a diploma course which can last a few weeks, months or even a year. Caregivers can also continue their education with master’s and doctoral degrees.

One can enroll in a 6 month nursing course to further his career or start as a nursing assistant. Whatever the reason, you must make sure to enroll in an establishment approved by the SANC. Legality ensures that the quality of the South African health system is maintained.

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Healthcare delivery is a crucial part of a country’s health system. Nurses ensure that the sick are cared for and live with dignity until they get better or even die in peace. How to become a natural caregiver and contribute positively to humanity? Briefly.co.za has brought up a list of all nursing colleges in South Africa. Find out how to become a nurse in the country and register today!

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