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ATLANTA, Feb. 28 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The pandemic has added new challenges for skilled nursing facilities and senior communities caring for the elderly, those at greatest risk of serious illness or death from of COVID-19. United Methodist Communities (UMC) has found a solution to many of these challenges with Accushield®, an innovative leader in solutions for connecting and medically screening staff, visitors, residents and caregivers third.

UMC, a New Jersey-based independent assisted living provider, found Accushield’s health screening system to be an essential tool. The system requires users to answer screening questions regarding potential exposure to COVID-19 and to travel before working or visiting their facilities. This is complemented by a contactless kiosk system that tracks all staff, visitors, third-party caregivers, volunteers and vendors who enter the building. It also allows verification of COVID-19 vaccination status and negative test results.

“Seniors’ residences and skilled nursing facilities provide essential services to our aging population. However, they are also most at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Charles Mann, Founder and Chief Sales Officer of Accushield. “We are pleased to offer staff and residents of United Methodist Communities peace of mind knowing that their safety is a top priority during these uncertain times.”

The Accushield system is installed in all UMC installations. Accushield offers other benefits in addition to COVID-19 management, including the ability to easily identify how often residents are visited by family and friends. UMC uses Accushield’s “Love Meter” feature, which extracts data from the community’s visitor history to identify less-visited residents and reach out to them with a personal touch. UMC residents and families greatly appreciate UMC’s concern for the well-being of each resident.

Accushield also uses its real-time data on residents, visitors and staff to improve safety beyond medical screening. “Accushield has allowed us to create real-time resident and visitor lists for use during emergency drills as well as real-life emergencies, which is imperative if a resident goes missing or there is a need to evacuate. a building,” Larry Carlson said. , President and CEO of United Methodist Communities. “It also helps us keep track of people entering the building. With the badge printing option, our staff are able to easily identify anyone who has not completed our sign-in process.”

Accushield is the leading developer of medical tethering and screening terminals for skilled nursing facilities, senior living facilities, and other healthcare-related facilities. With its adoption in November 2021 by Foundation Health Partners, a skilled nursing facility in Fairbanks, Alaska, Accushield is now used in all 50 states.

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Founded in 2013, Accushield® is the leading developer of tethering and medical screening terminals for skilled nursing facilities, senior living facilities, hospitals and other healthcare-related facilities. The Accushield solution was designed by executive managers and healthcare administrators to help them know who is in their buildings. The tablet kiosk and mobile app facilitate a safer, healthier, and more streamlined sign-in process for visitors, staff, third-party caregivers, and residents at more than 5,000 healthcare facilities. With adoption in November by Foundation Health Partners, a skilled nursing facility in Fairbanks, Alaska, Accushield now operates facilities in all 50 states of the United States. To learn more, visit:

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