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Addiction Treatment Company Purchases Former Retirement Home | Sun News



ALBION – Small town settings work better.

Indianapolis-based Hickory Recovery Network will take over the former North Ridge Village nursing and rehabilitation center from Chosen Healthcare in Albion and plans to open a hospital-based drug and alcohol recovery program in early 2022 .

Melissa Durkin, chief marketing officer, said the company hopes to start interviewing potential employees the week of December 13. Some interior construction work will be done during this time to make the structure more responsive to the needs of the Hickory Recovery Network.

According to Durkin, the facility will employ approximately 75 to 100 people, including physicians / medical providers, RNs, LPNs, therapists, case managers, behavioral health technicians, dieticians, maintenance workers. , administrative employees and department directors.

Durkin said the Albion facility will have a capacity of 100 beds.

According to the company’s website, Hickory Treatment Centers has inpatient facilities in large cities like Indianapolis and Terre Haute, but also in smaller communities like Linton (5,244, 2010 census), Corydon (3,102) and Rockville (2,607).

And soon, Albion will be heading to this list.

“We are delighted to join the community of Albion,” Durkin said Wednesday. “The passion and care of the small town workforce really resonated with our customers. It is important for Hickory to hire from the local community.

The city announced the imminent arrival of the Hickory Recovery Network at the regular Albion city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

“They are planning to set up a drug addiction center there,” CEO Jacob Ihrie said.

Ihrie and city attorney Steve Clouse researched the company and contacted the three small towns where the facilities are located. According to Ihrie, two of the cities responded. One of them made a commendation of the treatment center’s tremendous contribution to the community. The other said that after a somewhat difficult start it has been an asset to the community.

“They are good neighbors,” Clouse said. “They added to the community.”

Ihrie said while the city initially believed that turning a nursing home into an inpatient drug addiction treatment center would require some

The parent company of the North Ridge Village nursing home, Chosen Healthcare, informed its residents of the closure in a letter received on June 15.

Chosen Healthcare, headquartered in Indianapolis, said in its letter: “North Ridge Village will cease to operate as a qualified nursing facility within the next two months, and we will need to make arrangements to relocate all residents. to other establishments. We are moving residents to other facilities to improve our operations and help create a better experience for them.

“We don’t want you to worry. We know you have come to trust and appreciate North Ridge Village and its people, and we are sorry if you are upset by this news. We can guarantee immediate availability for you in another high quality nursing home of the chosen healthcare family that matches your needs. If that doesn’t work for some reason, we’ll work with you personally to find a situation that works.

The letter was signed “Chosen Healthcare Management”.

Hickory’s inpatient recovery facilities in Corydon, Rockville and Linton were all former Chosen nursing homes.

Chosen and Hickory are not affiliated, according to Dunkin.

Hickory tends to move to closed care homes because nursing home layouts and drug and alcohol rehabilitation center layouts are very similar.