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As of November 12, 2021, 97% of qualified nursing facilities in LA County have indicated that they will complete booster doses to residents by November 19.

By News Desk

Most qualified nursing facilities have established relationships with long-term care pharmacies that provide booster doses to eligible residents. Public health worked with other facilities to assess barriers and offer assistance to the county mobile vaccination team.

Qualified nursing facilities report that 96% of staff and 89% of residents are fully immunized. All personnel in skilled nursing facilities should be fully immunized against COVID-19; those with an approved medical or religious exemption should be tested weekly.

For the week ending November 7, 39 people have tested positive for COVID-19 at skilled nursing facilities: 20 new cases were among residents of skilled nursing facilities and 19 new cases among trained staff at facilities. nursing. Tragically, four skilled residents of a nursing facility have died from COVID-19. Sixty-five percent of new cases for the week ending Nov. 7 at skilled nursing facilities are among staff and residents who are fully vaccinated.

The Los Angeles County Department of Health continues to work with qualified nursing facilities to ensure their eligible residents and staff receive COVID-19 recalls.

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