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Are hospitals failing our frontline healthcare workers?


(NewsNation) – Healthcare workers have gone above and beyond for their patients, battling a global pandemic and countless natural disasters.

NewsNation examines whether America is failing them.

Florida nurse Sarah Warren told NewsNation’s “CUOMO” on Tuesday that conditions in many US hospitals were “treacherous.”

“No amount of money can compensate for a loss of dignity in your work,” Warren said. “When you’re working harder than ever before and still seeing poor outcomes for your patients because you don’t have adequate resources…it weighs on you.”

Critical care nurse Lauren Leanders said she and her colleagues were unprepared during the pandemic and did not have proper medical equipment to protect themselves.

“I think nurses have really lost faith in our hospitals and in our healthcare system throughout the pandemic,” Leanders said on “CUOMO. “Why weren’t we prepared? Where was our PPE? Why are we still wearing N95s for seven days straight?

Leanders says the healthcare system has a responsibility to try to earn back that trust in a meaningful way and rebuild the nursing workforce.

Minnesota ICU nurse Kelley Anaas and other healthcare workers went on strike for nurses’ rights. She underscored the importance of nurses to ‘CUOMO’, saying the profession is at a breaking point. She says as more and more resources are taken away, patients are going to struggle.

“We came out to say, ‘You need us.’ We need to be well staffed so we can do our best for our patients, not the bare minimum so you can save $1.

Will B., a registered nurse from Abilene, Texas, called “CUOMO” and said “we see states wasting money without helping people, and then we always get all the bad rap, so as a medical professional, we just appreciate you because there are a lot of issues that you talk about that no one else talks about.