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Arkansas nursing home residents rescued after roof collapsed



One person died and at least five were injured after the roof collapsed in the tornado.

MONETTE, Ark. – Saturday morning shed light on the devastation at the Monette Manor nursing home in Monette, Arkansas. One person died and several were injured after a tornado swept through the house.

Sixty-five residents and staff were inside the building before the storm.

The Arkansas Health Care Association said all residents are in other nursing homes in the area and some are staying with their families temporarily.

The tornado caused most of the building to collapse and collapse.

Jordan Wood of the Monette Fire Department was one of the first responders to help residents trapped under the partially collapsed roof.

“It was probably one of the worst things I have ever experienced in my life,” said Wood.

Wood, along with other first responders, had to rescue people moments before and after the storm. Many had to be executed one by one.

“It was tough when you have seniors who are probably 90% still doing their best to get out of the nursing home and they can’t,” Wood said. “They are helpless. They are stuck.”

In the common space, where residents spent time together, insulation hung from the ceiling and debris covered the floor. The hallways leading to the residents’ rooms were flooded and blocked by displaced furniture and personal effects.

However, Monette’s first responders likely avoided a much worse situation for residents.

“The sirens went off long enough to warn everyone so that everyone was warned long before the tornado hit,” said Wood.

Wood is grateful for his training and the opportunity to help his hometown.

“In the area we live in there’s a tornado lane and you know it can happen anytime, but you’re still hoping your cities and loved ones are missing,” Wood said.