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Barrow – Risedale Nursing Home praised for outstanding care


PRAISE was paid to a nursing home in Barrow by a relative for the ‘incredible’ care provided to a relative.

The Risedale Nursing Home on Abbey Road was chosen for a special tribute by Anne Hall, whose 96-year-old aunt Margaret Proctor is a resident of the home.

In a letter to the Mail, Anne applauded Risedale staff for their ‘loving care’ of Margaret since she arrived home in poor health after spending weeks in hospital after breaking the hip during a fall.

“Since her arrival there, they have revitalized her with uplifting events, encouraged her to return to drawing as a previously proficient artist with trips to Barrow Park on sunny days, and encouraged bench drawings. park and trees,” she said.

“The love we have for her with the hairstyle, the painted nails, the exercises and the quiz sessions, the photos of her at afternoon cocktail parties, and being a country woman, going out in the garden on sunny days, brings it to life.

“Recently I was amazed when they took her and 14 other people in wheelchairs with their own personal carers to Bowness to watch the boats and swans and have a picnic.

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“I was even more amazed two weeks ago to hear it and four others were taken in wheelchairs with carers on the train to Blackpool among arcades and fun – who at 96 could ask for more?

“This week, upon hearing that his niece was due to celebrate her 80th birthday at Coniston, they rearranged staff rotations so she could be on the surprise guest list.

“On top of that they took her to a shop in Barrow to pick out a new dress for the party, arranged a taxi and her amazing assistant, Courtney, made sure she was reunited with lots of friends from the past, returning home exhausted but full of happy memories of her former native village.

“We hear of nursing home residents being abandoned and treated poorly, but we as a family couldn’t believe how much their loving care had transformed her spirit, and everyone at the party was amazed. to see how well and cared for she was.

“A tribute to every member of staff who has lovingly cared for her over the past few years and who deserves to be commended.”

Hannah Fell, Assistant Senior Practitioner at Risedale Nursing Home, said: ‘How lovely for the hard working staff to receive such lovely feedback from the family, and we thank the family for taking the time to do so. .”