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Business Administration Grad Focuses on Future of Healthcare Management – Jagwire



When Whitney Whitaker learned that Augusta University’s James M. Hull College of Business offered a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management, she knew it was her future career.

“I decided to seek a degree in healthcare administration / management because my goal has always been to get into healthcare,” said Whitaker. “In high school, I did my CNA [certified nursing assistant] certification, but I soon realized that I could easily faint when seeing certain situations, so I knew I had to find a different route. I’ve always loved management, so healthcare management was the perfect path for me.

The BBA with a Concentration in Healthcare Management at Augusta University is designed to help students like Whitaker develop the skills necessary to manage the human and fiscal resources of healthcare institutions.

Whitaker, who is currently a Property Management Analyst at Hull Property Group, can’t believe she is about to cross the stage and receive her BBA on Friday December 10th.

Whitney Whitaker graduated from Hull College of Business with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

“I feel like just yesterday I graduated from high school,” said Whitaker, originally from Augustus. “It was a crazy race, but it gave me a lot of life lessons and memories. Going through this scene will mean I did it! I had so many supporters behind every accomplishment, and I’m so happy to have this experience with them by my side.

Whitaker said her loved ones couldn’t be prouder that she graduated from Augusta University.

“My family and friends think of the world of my accomplishments,” Whitaker said. “They’ve been there through it all and they’ve been nothing but encouraging. Whenever I had doubts, they would pick me up right away.

She also received a lot of support and encouragement from one of her favorite instructors, Dr. Stacy Roberts, Lecturer in Management at Hull College.

“Dr. Stacy Roberts really had an impact on my college experience,” Whitaker said. “Her dedication to her work and her interaction with students is just amazing. Often times you feel like your professors are meeting so many people. ‘students and you’re just another student to them, but Dr Roberts makes sure to know each of her students. I’ve had her for three classes now and wish I could have them all with her. She really inspired me to go to college and achieve my goals.

After graduation, Whitaker plans to continue building her career and “enjoying every moment,” she said.

“I love my job at Hull Property Group and the opportunity it has given me. This business is just amazing, ”she said. “I recommend that other students look for internships or vacancies.”

She would also recommend anyone interested in pursuing a business degree to consider Hull College at Augusta University.

“My experience has been beyond phenomenal,” said Whitaker. “Since setting foot on campus, I have felt right at home. Everyone you meet, be it staff, other students or guests, you always receive a warm welcome. And AU has something for everyone. You will surely be able to obtain the degree you desire.

Augusta University’s fall 2021 launch will take place at 2 p.m. on Friday, December 10 at the James Brown Arena. Watch the ceremony live.