Bad Credit Loans

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Planning is important for you to make an online bad credit loan. Often, because of the urgency, you end up getting lost in the accounts and getting even more involved in debt. So we sorted out 4 important questions to ask yourself before taking an online bad credit loan.

We are a pioneer in the world of online bad credit loans and we are present in more than 20 countries offering fast loans, no bureaucracy and simply.

1. What do I need the money for?

You are scrounged in with parcels of the car, credit card, need money to travel with friends or family. No matter the reason you need the money, the important thing here is to understand the purpose and how urgent it is. Whether you want to cover that last minute expense, refinance your debt or even make a trip, we have the solution.

2. How much will the loan cost me?

3. Can I pay for the loan?

That question is easy to answer. Good financial practice says you can not commit more than 30% of your salary or income to the portion of your loan. For example, if you win $ 1,000 the portion of your loan can not exceed $ 300. Good lender has loans from R $ 200 up to R $ 3,000 and installments starting from R $ 32

4. How long should I pay my loan?

It all depends on how much you want to pay per month. As said before, do not commit more than 30% of your income with loan installments, taking this into consideration you can take a short or medium term loan. At Good lender we make loans for up to 12 months.