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Enroll men in nursing course, government urged – The New Indian Express



Express news service

CHENNAI: In an effort to reduce the workload, the government nurses appealed to the Department of Health to enroll male students in the nursing diploma course at the public school of nursing colleges. The Tamil Nadu Government Nurses Association recently submitted a memorandum, to which senior officials responded that they would take into consideration after discussion with department leadership.

Speaking to Express, S Kaliyammal, the association’s state treasurer, said: “Nurses can be assigned to sensitive services like trauma and convict wards, which we find difficult to manage. Now they recruit nurses through the Medical Recruitment Council who are graduates of private nursing colleges and join directly. But if the department offers the course to male students, they can be trained in public hospitals during the training period. It will reduce the burden on us.

A source said: “The health department stopped classes for male students in 2008. One of the main reasons was that they couldn’t arrange accommodation because it is a residential course. In addition, only a few places were available, and the nursing profession is more synonymous with women because they also have to assist childbirth. If it was a man, pregnant women may feel uncomfortable.

Nursing students protest on DME campus
Chennai: About 200 people who have completed their nursing assistant courses at government colleges demonstrated on Tuesday at the campus of the Medical Education Directorate office. S Manikandan said: “I completed my course at Govt Kilpauk Medical College in 2014-15. Only the 2009 student batches were mailed to public hospitals, but subsequent batches were not mailed. We are asking the State to give us work because there are vacant positions.