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Health care administrator pleads with senators to override article veto


NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – Health care administrator Nolan Gurnsey has witnessed and been part of the fight for many local nursing facilities in rural Nebraska. He did what he could to help out at the Pioneer Memorial Rest Home in Mullen, but he couldn’t be saved and it will be closed permanently by the end of April.

Over the past year, the Nebraska Legislature has approved additional spending for nursing homes, intended to help “our most vulnerable population, those on Medicaid,” Gurney explained.

On Monday, Gov. Pete Ricketts used his veto power to veto additional funding for Nebraska nursing homes.

Gurnsey says operating costs are rising at an alarming rate, along with long-term challenges and labor pressures. The stress of it all forces you to make tough decisions. For example, the closure of the Mullen facility will force families to relocate elderly loved ones 70 miles or more from their current location.

District 48 Sen. John Stinner introduced a new motion to override the governor’s veto. Lawmakers vote on the potential reversal on Thursday. Gurnsey begs people to reach out to senators and the governor. He says people can even call him at his home number which is 402-822-0269.

The governor’s veto does not affect VA hospitals and facilities. Over the past year, VA Home salaries have increased by an average of 40%.

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