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Kanti Begins Pediatric Critical Care Nursing Course – The Himalayan Times – Nepal’s No.1 English Daily Newspaper




Kanti Children’s Hospital began teaching the Bachelor of Nursing in Pediatric Critical Care Nursing, a three-year baccalaureate program.

This is the first time that the BNS Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing Course has started in the country. This course will help bring in qualified nurses in critical care and emergency care.

“We have been running the pediatric medicine program since 2004. We felt there was a need for skilled human resources in pediatric nursing. Although we produced doctors every year, the number of nurses in the field was always scarce, ”said Prof Ajit Rayamajhi, director of Kanti Children’s Hospital, who is also the MD Pediatrics Program coordinator at the National Academy of Medical Sciences.

Kanti Hospital is the only central hospital for children’s health care in the country.

The hospital has also carried out research on children’s problems. Each year, around 120 researches of various students – both masters and bachelor’s faculties and doctors working in the hospital – take place at the center.

“As a children’s health care center, we have always believed that service, academics and research should go hand in hand in the institution.

In addition, there is always a shortage of staff at the hospital. Less than 15 percent of nurses are trained in pediatric nursing at the hospital. We felt the need for specialized care to provide the best services, ”added Rayamajhi.

“There has been a decrease in the infant mortality rate in Nepal with the improvement of maternal education, access to vaccination against common diseases, access to health care, hygienic nutrition and clean water, hand hygiene and the identification and management of malnutrition.

However, with increasing urbanization, there is always a risk of serious illnesses such as influenza, disease transmission in / from crowded areas, traffic accidents, trauma, drowning, among others.

So seriously ill / injured children need special health care. If we can provide services to children in intensive care units and emergency care, there will be a drop in the infant mortality rate. The BNS course started with the aim of providing such care to children, ”added Rayamajhi.

The hospital has 52 beds for non-Covid patients in its intensive care unit, while another 41 intensive care beds are allocated for COVID patients. The hospital is ready to expand its emergency services. “As a large number of skilled human resources are required for critically ill patients, we hope that the pediatric nursing course will help us manage human resources both in the hospital and across the country,” Rayamajhi said. . “Nurses trained in critical child care will be consumed immediately.

We have an immediate need for such nurses. In the long term, nurses will seize the opportunity in other hospitals across the country, ”he added.

Resources from Bir Hospital and Kanti Hospital will be used to teach students.

This three-year course will allow students to learn physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, nursing, especially in intensive care, neonatal care, medical care, along with a dissertation.

There are around 120 nurses at the hospital. Currently, the hospital operates with 350 beds and provides services to approximately 1,000 children per day from its OPD.

A version of this article appears in the December 14, 2021 print of The Himalayan Times.