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Letter: Good health care should be everyone’s right | Opinion


To the Editor – Everyone in this community has the right to health care. Telling someone that they will not get treatment if they are not vaccinated is the worst discrimination I have ever encountered.

When the ability to work, pay bills or educate children is compromised if they are not immunized, it is not a warrant but an ultimatum. When we receive ultimatums, we tend to resist.

More continuing education and scientific testing and studies are needed. Compassion and patience are the two most difficult qualities for many people to master, but both are needed these days.

Let’s not forget the elephant in the room, or should I say Yakima Valley. Greed and poor administration choices at Astria Health crippled our valley to a large hospital providing adequate health care.

I pray daily for the wonderful providers and nurses who still work for Astria Health. I pray that a worthy organization of this community will come to the Yakima Valley. Bless us with another hospital to provide health care to my friends, former patients, children and grandchildren … if they choose to stay in this wonderful valley that we call home.