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Manipur Government Launches State’s First Masters of Nursing Course



Manipur’s Minister of Health, L Jayantakumar Singh, on Monday inaugurated the state’s very first Masters of Nursing course at the College of Nursing, Medical Directorate, Manipur government.

The Minister said that with the opening of the master’s course in nursing, a new chapter has been added in the field of health care and its service in the state.

Jayantakumar Singh argued that despite many shortcomings, the Department of Health made an effort to open the long-awaited course.

The Minister also appreciated the enthusiasm and effort of the Director of the College of Nursing at the opening of the master’s courses.

The Minister also gave the assurance of increasing the reception capacity of the college’s master’s of science students. He also said that the limited state resources have been used at the highest level to meet the demands of the public by the government, he added.

To mark the opening event, six selected students were enrolled in the newly opened Masters course.

Professor M. Kumudini Devi, director of the College of Nursing, Medical Directorate, said higher education in nursing, degree and master’s degree courses, are arriving late in the state compared to other states. from the country.

Nonetheless, she believed that the start of the Act East policy will increase the need for trained and qualified nurses to meet the demand for trained nurses in Southeast Asian countries and reputable hospitals nationwide.

It is relevant to note that the Japanese government previously required that 15,000 state-trained nurses be sent to Japan.

Earlier in the first week of December, Japanese delegates led by Takahito Takeuchi, professor of health and wellness at the graduate school of the International University of Health and Welfare, president of the Japanese Association functional recovery care and energy rehabilitation, as well as national skills development officers co- Operation New Delhi visited the College of Nursing, Lamphelpat Medical Directorate, of the Government of Manipur for the program of the program of training of technical trainees (TITP) at the College of Nursing Sciences.

The Minister of Health also launched free care and management of viral hepatitis C, which is also the first of its kind in the state implemented by YASCARE partners (SASO, MNP & CARE Foundation, State Government & Find India (Delhi) at New Checkon Route, Imphal East.