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More and more healthcare workers face the vaccination mandate deadline



WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – More healthcare workers are required to receive at least one dose of the COVID vaccine by Thursday. This time, the focus is on people employed in places like adult care facilities and hospice care.

“When it all started in March 2020, the elderly and people with disabilities were the most vulnerable people to get sick and not do well with it, so we were at the center of it all,” said Jeffrey Jacomowitz, door -speaking, Carthage Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing.

The workers there are among the next group of healthcare workers who are mandated to get at least one COVID vaccine by Thursday.

Jacomowitz says the Carthage Center’s immunization status is 100%.

“We are very proud of our staff. I mean, it didn’t take a lot of effort like in other facilities, but they figured out what to do and they like working at the Carthage Center, so it turns out really good that way “, did he declare.

Other establishments are also seeing strong adoption of the vaccination mandate.

The Lewis County Health System operates a nursing home. Officials told 7 News that the vaccination rate is over 96% and that no service will need to be adapted.

Watertown Samaritan Medical Center also offers services at its Keep Nursing Home and Seniors Village. Officials say they don’t see any major issues as more than 98% of the system is eligible to operate right now.

In St. Lawrence County, United Helpers in Canton has a 96 percent vaccination rate.

As with all other vaccination mandates, workers who do not meet the deadline will no longer be employed by their establishment.

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