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New trend: many men take nursing training at PGIMER



A NEW trend seems to be emerging at PGI’s National Institute of Nursing Education (NINE). A large number of men take the course to integrate a profession dominated mainly by women. This year, of the 55 students who follow the post-basic course over two years, 18 are men. “I see a bright future in this profession. My grandfather advised me to choose this profession. I think I am on the right track, ”said Kamal Kumar, 22, from Ganganagar district in Rajasthan. “It’s true that it’s a predominantly female profession. But I think things are changing and the number of nurses is increasing.

Raju Ram, 23, is from Bikaner district. Son of a farmer, he also obtained a general nursing diploma (GNM) after scientific studies in upper secondary. “I don’t see any gender bias when it comes to providing patient care. It’s a profession where you do something positive and it makes you happy, ”Raju said. “In our state, there are more men who choose this profession than women. It’s just that you have to provide patient care. With time and training, men and women can both do it, ”he added.

Students start their day with hands-on training at the hospital before attending classes from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sandhya Ghai, director of NINE, says this is the first time so many men have opted for the course. “It’s a profession dominated by women until now. We used to see fewer men, but in the influx of men in 2017-2019 the number is huge, ”she said.

There were only two men in the 2016-18 batch. Curiously, 17 of the 18 men in the course are from Rajasthan. The students said that due to the new rules, applicants applying for nursing jobs in central government must have two years of experience and a 10 + 2 degree with (GNM) or 10 + 2 with GNM degree and post basic with six months of experience. .

“The government of Rajasthan has not announced any new nursing jobs for so many years. Even though we did GNM, there is no work. We are taking this course to be eligible for central positions, ”said Muralilal (26) from Tonk District in Rajasthan, adding,“ In Rajasthan this profession is widely chosen by men because it pays well.