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Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that Rep. Kathy Rapp personally objects to the Health Committee’s patient-to-staff ratio bill being discussed in the General Assembly because she has stated that you do not haven’t heard from enough nurses. . Have you heard or listened to the elderly in this state about their inability to get adequate nursing care in the hospital? I further understand that this bill has bipartisan support, which is not seen very often in our state.

If you haven’t heard of it, let me tell you about my mother who, at age 92, broke both her wrists. She was admitted to the medical surgery floor of a local hospital after her operation. My mother was very insightful and not at all confused about who, where or when. Late one morning, she needed to use the bathroom. She pressed the call button, a nurse came in and told her she would be back as soon as she could because she was the only nurse for seven patients, there were no aides assigned the low.

My mom waited as long as she could and got out of bed and started walking towards the bathroom when I came to help her.

What if she had fallen and done more damage to herself? I find it hard to believe that Rapp and fellow Republicans have no compassion for seniors for not allowing this bill to get out of committee. Do you have elderly family members?

I am now 74 years old and I find the contempt you show us shameful and inhuman.

Remember, just because I don’t live in your district doesn’t mean you don’t have to respond to me, because the salary you get is from Pennsylvanians across the state, not just your district. .

Caryn A. Leifer,


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