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Nursing facilities and Stone County Retirement Village to close


STONE COUNTY, Missouri (KY3) – Tablerock Healthcare in Kimberling City and Ozark Mountain Regional Healthcare in Crane will close in December. The closure also includes Tablerock Retirement Village in Kimberling City.

Tablerock Healthcare Administrator Jason Ketcher said the management company, Health Systems or HSI, would not renew its lease with the owners of the buildings. He says the closure comes as the facilities face many challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It has been difficult to get people to come because of the virus. People are scared. People here are scared. But, we’ve done a terrific job here. Our people work day and night to make sure these residents know they are loved and cared for. As we navigate this troubling move and potential closure, we will be there with our residents to make sure they know they are loved and wanted. We will do everything we can to ensure a safe and peaceful transition,” Ketcher said.

Ketcher says people living in qualified nursing homes, along with their families, can choose where they want to move. HSI operates several other qualified retirement homes in the area, including Hollister, Forysth and Branson. Ketcher says HSI will make it easier for residents to move out of nursing facilities. They will also have certain precautions in place due to the pandemic.

“All patients who move into one of our facilities, managed by health systems, will be placed in isolation for 14 days. They will be alone in a room, not because they have COVID, but because they will be coming from an unknown location and the building would agree to take precautions to know that people are not bringing anything. They’ll also be COVID tested, so they know “Hey, we’re not bringing them in with COVID,” Ketcher said.

About 65 residents live at the Kimberling City Skilled Nursing Facility. However, HSI also manages approximately 43 apartments near this facility. Some of these apartments are occupied by employees. About 30 of these apartments are occupied by seniors. They were notified on Thursday October 8 that they will have to move by December 31.

“These people over there are independent. We’ll let them know, like any landlord would, and maybe give them a list of options to contact for a new home, but that’s in their hands,” Ketcher said.

Some people who live in the retirement village would like to have more notice and do not know how they will manage to move so quickly without help.

“I am more than shocked. I am furious. I’m disgusted and scared,” Noelle DeAngelis said. “Most of us [we are] either disabled, elderly, or beyond elderly. Some people put their last dime of savings into a new apartment and now they give us 60 days to leave.

“I am still able to get up and walk. What about people who can’t move? They have to move and they have no family. All I can say is we will stick together and help each other the best we can,” said MaryAnn Williams. “I just wish they had handled it differently and given us more time.”

“It’s really thrown a wrench. How can you celebrate Thanksgiving and be thankful when you get kicked out of your apartment? says Kay Sidentricker.

Ketcher says Tablerock Healthcare employees will have the chance to work at other HSI-managed properties. He says they will be working with families of Tablerock Healthcare residents in the coming weeks.

“I live here in Stone County. Stone County is my home. It breaks my heart that this is happening. I consider every person here who lives here and works here as my extended family. So, while my heart breaks, I wish them the absolute best. I give my word that I will do everything I can to make sure they have a safe and easy transition,” Ketcher said.

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