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Nursing home: Resident deaths amid ‘poorly characterised’ storm


The owner of a North Carolina nursing home fears the deaths of two residents amid a winter storm have been ‘misinterpreted’ and said the deaths were not related to staffing issues.

Principle LTC, the owner of Pine Ridge Health & Rehabilitation Center, said in a statement Monday that staff notified families of residents at the time of death and began making arrangements, but road conditions were preventing the funeral home to reach the nursing home, according to media reports. reported. Principle’s medical director said the deaths were “medically unrelated” to staffing issues caused by the winter storm, according to the statement. Thomasville police said last week that two residents were found dead and two others were in critical condition when residents requested social checks on Jan. 16.

The police report said the patients in critical condition were taken to hospital. Residents demanded control, saying staff members had not been seen by some residents and could not be reached by phone, police said.

The report said officers determined there were not enough staff, with three staff members for every 98 patients. A combination of hazardous road conditions and the rampant spread of COVID created the disruption to staff, Principle said.