Qualified nursing facilities face challenges associated with changing state demands


Find out 6 of the UL 1069 requirements for nurse call equipment. The new Quick Response Pro from RF Technologies is UL 1069 certified.

To meet the growing need for a UL 1069 Wireless Nurse Call System, RF Technologies (RFT) is pleased to launch Quick Response® Pro.

State requirements for qualified nursing facilities are evolving to require nurse call systems to comply with UL 1069 standard for hospital signaling and nurse call equipment. Nine states require UL 1069 by code, and another 10 states have adopted the standard and may begin implementing it soon. This trend is an important signal to existing facilities and new constructions to seriously consider the sustainability of their facilities with a nurse call system compliant with the UL 1069 standard.

In addition to changing state requirements, hard-wired nurse call systems in older facilities can make it difficult and expensive to renovate or expand to meet the demand for skilled nursing services. The downside of hardwired systems is the fixed pull cord devices which, although hardwired, are often not connected to a computer system. These stationary devices are more expensive to maintain and move, and patients must be moved from their rooms during construction due to dust, or worse, asbestos.

To meet the growing need for a UL 1069 Wireless Nurse Call System, RF Technologies (RFT) is pleased to launch Quick Response® Pro. After several months of third-party testing, Quick Response Pro has achieved UL 1069 certification to ensure system safety, durability, and performance. RFT’s wireless nurse call solution is managed by its CODE ALERT® Enterprise software, which also acts as a central call announcement panel. CODE ALERT Enterprise provides an intuitive user interface for receiving and categorizing alerts, offers a facility map view to quickly see the location of alerts, and includes comprehensive QAPI reports with the Quality Dashboard module.

Quick Response Pro maintains a home-like aesthetic while going beyond traditional pull-tab needs for patients to call for help. The system integrates with a variety of devices to enable quick notification of personnel, including hallway overhead lights, quick displays, strobe light with siren, and multi-colored zone lights. Installations interested in learning more about Quick Response Pro are encouraged to request a free demonstration at http://www.rft.com/Demo

RFT recognizes that state requirements can be confusing to navigate. “In order to provide a solution that meets both customer needs AND state requirements, we have sales engineers on staff,” says Glen Jonas, Founder and CEO of RFT. “They take responsibility for the code’s requirements for our customers because they are already working hard to provide good care to their patients. Quick Response Pro provides patient peace of mind while relieving staff and facility owners of the burden of compliance.

About RF Technologies: RFT is a turnkey manufacturer and provider of life safety solutions for the elderly, healthcare, education and hospitality markets. With more than 10,000 installations since its creation in 1987, RFT is a collaborative partner in the design of tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of each client and reduce their responsibilities. The RFT family of solutions includes CODE ALERT® call and travel management, SAFE PLACE® patient safety, HELP ALERT® staff restraint, SENSATEC® fall management products and EXACTRACK® equipment location.

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