State Should Release Data on Health Care Worker Shortages and Replacements | News, Sports, Jobs


The state’s Surge and Flex Center is supposed to help nursing homes find solutions to staffing issues and help nursing homes if they cannot meet their obligations under state law.

But, according to Senator Sue Serino, R-Hyde Park and the New York Post, nursing homes that called the centre’s helpline were told there were no employees available.

Given the public statements by former Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Gov. Kathy Hochul that the state would help fill the gaps created by the state’s vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, there are many interest in seeing how well the state’s plan to keep health facilities staffed really has been.

That’s why we support a proposal that Serino presented to the State Senate earlier this month. S.7437, which would require the state health ministry to publish on its website the total number of people employed or affiliated with health facilities, those no longer employed by the facilities, the number of people requested by the State Surge and Flex Operations Center and the number of people sent to health facilities by the State. Serino’s bill calls for the information to be published retroactively to August 16, 2021.

This is information that the public and legislators need to see. If the state program was working, people should be able to see the numbers. If not, the state should provide the information so that a better plan can be developed.

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