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The 100 “most influential” people in healthcare, according to Modern Healthcare



Modern healthcare last week released its list of the ‘100 most influential people in health’ for 2021, awarding the top two spots to vaccine innovators for their role in producing effective Covid-19 vaccines .

How? ‘Or’ What Modern healthcare make the list

For the list, Modern healthcare applications accepted from June. Each candidate had to answer three questions:

  1. What steps has the candidate taken throughout 2021 to help improve their organization’s clinical, operational and financial goals?
  2. How has the candidate contributed to a culture of innovation?
  3. How has the nominee helped shape health policy at the local or national level?

The publication then asked readers to vote for their favorite candidates out of 300 finalists. Modern healthcareThe editors of made the final decisions on who made the list, based on readers’ votes.

Vaccine innovators at the top of the list

In this year’s ranking, Modern healthcare selected Pfizer chair and CEO Albert Bourla and Modern CEO Stéphane Bancel tops his 2021 list in recognition of his work in developing “vaccines against the deadliest global epidemic of the last century”. According to Modern healthcare, Bourla got the top spot because Pfizer’s “influence and reach” gave him an “advantage” over Bancel.

The Pfizer-BioNTech The Covid-19 vaccine became the first to receive an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), in December 2020, and the first Covid-19 vaccine to be full FDA approval for persons 16 years of age and over in August 2021.

“This experience taught me not to fear failure,” Bourla said. “In science, failure comes with the land. In science, failure doesn’t set us back – it actually moves us forward.”

Shortly after the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was granted EUA, Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine was also cleared. Moderna’s vaccine is currently under review by the FDA for full approval. Responding to vaccine development, Bancel said, “It is promising to see clinical and real-world evidence added to the growing body of data on the effectiveness of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. “

The best hospital leaders on the list

Modern healthcare also included several hospital leaders among the top 25 winners for 2021, recognized in part for their role in tackling the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and efforts to create “a more health care delivery system. safe and more efficient ‘, in particular:

  1. Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health
  2. Eugene Woods, President and CEO of Atrium health
  3. Marc Harrison, President and CEO of Intermountain health care
  4. Greg Adams, President and CEO of Kaiser Permanente
  5. Samuel Hazen, CEO of HCA Health
  6. Rod Hochman, President and CEO of Providence

Other laureates

Modern Healthcare’s latest ranking also included several infectious disease experts, industry leaders, and federal and other officials who have focused on fighting the pandemic or played otherwise notable roles in shaping the pandemic. America’s response to the pandemic, including an industry-wide campaign towards digitalization and a focus on diversity and inclusion. For example, the list included:

  1. Rosalind Brewer, CEO of Alliance of Walgreens boots
  2. Karen Lynch, President and CEO of CVS Health
  3. David Fialkow, co-founder and CEO of General catalyst
  4. Andrew Witty, CEO of UnitedHealth Group
  5. Judith Faulkner, Founder and CEO of Epic systems
  6. Annie Lamont, co-founder and managing partner of Oak HC / FT
  7. Gail McGovern, President and CEO of American Red Cross
  8. Bonnie Castillo, Executive Director of United national nurses
  9. Ernest Grant, President of American Nurses Association
  10. Beverly Malone, CEO of National Nursing League
  11. Mary Kay Henry, International President of the International Union of Service Employees
  12. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the Chamber, United States House of Representatives
  13. Anthony Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases
  14. Alex Gorsky, President and CEO of Johnson & johnson
  15. Stephen Ubl, President and CEO of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
  16. Brian Thompson, CEO of UnitedHealthcare
  17. Andy Slavitt, co-founder and general partner of Town hall businesses

(The daily briefing is published by Advisory Board Research, a division of Optum, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group. UnitedHealth Group separately owns UnitedHealthcare) (Modern healthcare, list “100 most influential people in the field of health 2021”; Modern healthcare, 12/18; Modern healthcare list methodology, 12/18)