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The advantages of skilled care facilities



Many aging adults reach a point in their life where they can no longer take care of themselves without help. Some may just need a little help around the home, while others with greater needs may choose to move to skilled nursing facilities.

Some aging adults may be able to choose living facilities for themselves, and many may even dictate their choices as part of their estate planning. In other cases, such as when the elderly suddenly fall ill and are unable to take care of themselves, the decision may have to be made by loved ones. Families have a variety of options when looking for living facilities for aging men and women, and skilled nursing facilities have many advantages.

• Professional care: Many institutions offer qualified nursing care. Qualified nursing care is administered by registered nurses and therapists. Qualified Nursing Facilities, or SNFs, are designed to meet the needs of residents who require a level of medical care that goes beyond what assisted living facilities can provide.

• Peace of mind: Medical care in SNFs is available 24 hours a day. This often provides great peace of mind to relatives of residents, as they know that licensed professionals will be available to meet the needs of their loved ones at any time of the day and of the night.

• Criteria: The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will only certify facilities that meet strict criteria. When purchasing an SNF, individuals and families should inquire about certification. CMS certified facilities are subject to periodic inspections to ensure residents are receiving the highest quality care. This is another factor that should reassure families.

• Proximity: According to Commonwealth Medicine, there are over 15,000 SNFs in the United States. These establishments accommodate nearly 1.5 million people. With so many facilities across the country, families can surely find one for a family member in need who is near their home. Routine visits from friends and family can help seniors make a smooth transition to an SNF and reassure parents that they won’t have to travel far every time they want to see loved ones.

Skilled care facilities can help aging adults navigate daily life when they can no longer take care of themselves.