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UCQ launches a master’s course in nursing sciences


Seven of the nine students who make up the first class.

Doha: The University of Calgary-Qatar (UCQ) offers a master’s degree program in nursing. Nine students make up the first promotion of the two-year full-time program. Practitioners and leaders from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) will help lead the course. The program focuses on oncology in support of the Qatar National Cancer Strategy and the Qatar National Health Strategy.

“There is a growing demand for nurses with master’s degrees to meet the many health needs of the people of Qatar. The rapidly expanding market for qualified nurses and the need to continuously keep up with the rapidly changing knowledge base has led UCQ to develop and implement a postgraduate nursing program,” said the Dean and CEO Kim Critchley.

Admission requirements are the same as the standards set at the main campus in Calgary, Canada.

“I believe that a solid and comprehensive nursing education is essential to ensure that the profession receives the respect and recognition it deserves. At Hamad, we continue to work closely with UCQ to support the development of advanced nursing qualifications, as this is one of the best ways to ensure that we have high caliber nursing staff capable of provide excellent patient care and excellent leadership skills in the future,” said Dr. Ann-Marie Cannaby, Executive Director of Nursing at HMC. “Through this master’s program, we provide an important platform from which our nurses can eventually contribute to educational programs that will develop the next generation of expert nurses for Qatar.”

“Graduates will move into clinical nurse specialist positions at HMC. They will make important contributions to patient and population health, with a focus on oncology. Graduates will play an important leadership role not only in contributing to high quality care, but also in being ambassadors in educating the public, patients and families with good evidence in support of cancer care. . They will make a difference in the quality of care for people who are diagnosed with cancer. It’s not just about end-of-life care. Part of it will be prevention; some will be interventions and some will be home transitions. It will be a broad spectrum,” said Laureen Styles, associate professor.

“We will have nine students from January. We are starting small, which will give us a solid foundation to build on. We are convinced that we will have very strong candidates. Our admission requirements are really about helping students succeed. These are the same admission requirements that are required in Canada,” Styles said.

The UCQ has been present in Qatar since 2007. Forty nurses, graduates, are or will soon be employed in the Qatari health system. With the start of the master’s program, the student population exceeds 350.

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