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University of Malta launches new nursing course for care of the elderly


The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Malta has launched its B.Sc. Nursing (Hons.) (Care for the Elderly) at Saint Vincent de Paule Residence.

“A rise in the aging population requires that qualified nurses in health and social care settings be properly prepared to provide high quality care to older adults. This degree program provides qualified nurses with specific skills and abilities in the care of the elderly, as well as more general skills that will contribute to their academic and professional development. This part-time complementary evening course program covers preventive, medical, rehabilitative and palliative aspects of care in various settings, including including community, hospital and long-term settings. Relevant topics such as dementia, nutrition and pharmacology are covered.”, a statement read

Graduates of the program will obtain a diploma and specialization in nursing for the elderly. The program will prepare candidates to take on roles in the care of the elderly, who live in the community, are hospitalized in acute care or rehabilitation hospitals, or reside in nursing homes/retirement homes, taking care of their needs biopsychosocial to improve their health, well-being and quality of life. In terms of career prospects, this program gives graduates the opportunity to continue their studies and progress to a Master’s degree.

This two or three-year program, starting in October 2017, is aimed at holders of the Higher Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing Studies), the Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing Studies) or a comparable diploma.

St Vincent de Paule will sponsor a considerable number of its employees to take this course in order to encourage and support the participation of nurses.

Applications are now open until 31st August. For more information and to apply online, please go to http://bit.ly/2teqWQ1