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Update on Maryland’s Top 10 and Last Qualified Nursing Facilities Ranked by Staff Immunization Rate



October 18, 2021

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Update on Maryland’s Top 10 and Last Qualified Nursing Facilities Ranked by Staff Immunization Rate

Maryland Department of Health also announces update on facilities that failed to submit adequate data required

Baltimore, Maryland – The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) today announced an update on the top 10 and last qualified nursing facilities in the state, ranked by percentage of staff with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. MDH also announced an update on skilled nursing facilities that failed to submit adequate COVID-19 vaccination data as required by the state.

Through vaccination protocols in force since September 1, 2021, all staff in healthcare facilities must have their first or only one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Healthcare establishments that do not follow vaccination protocols or do not correctly report their vaccination data are subject to fines, civil penalties and enforcement measures.

To date, 99 nursing homes in the state have immunized 91% or more of their staff. A complete list of state nursing facilities and their immunization data is available from the Maryland Department of Aging’s Qualified Nursing Facility Immunization Dashboard, which is updated weekly.

“More than 88 percent of nursing home staff in Maryland have received at least one dose of a life-saving COVID-19 vaccine,” MDH Secretary Dennis R. Schrader said. “By getting vaccinated, they have taken the most important step possible during this pandemic to protect themselves and our elderly loved ones whom they care for on a daily basis.”

“The vast majority of health care facilities in the state are in full compliance with COVID-19 vaccination protocols in place to ensure the safety of residents and staff,” said Rona E. Kramer, secretary of the Maryland Department of Aging. “We are indebted to them and will continue to work with facilities that are not compliant to ensure that their residents and staff are also safe.”

The last 10 skilled nursing homes and assembly facilities in Maryland

classified by percentage of staff with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine

  1. Fall Lake Health Care in Chesapeake Woods = 49 percent

  2. Dennett Road Manor = 55 percent

  3. Cumberland Health Center = 56 percent

  4. Calvert Manor Rehabilitation and Health Center = 60 percent

  5. Saint Joseph Ministries = 62 percent

Coffman retirement home = 62 percent

  1. Calvert County Nursing Center = 65 percent

  2. Fall Lake Health Care in Parkville = 66 percent

Vindobona Nursing and Rehabilitation Center = 66 percent

Charlotte Hall Veterans’ House = 66 percent

  1. Complete Treatments at Corsica Hills = 68 percent

Hagerstown Health Center = 68 percent

  1. Brightwood Powerback Campus Rehabilitation = 69 percent

Sterling Care in the village of Frostburg = 69 percent

Snow Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center = 69 percent

  1. The Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at Stadium Place = 71 percent

Manokin Rehabilitation and Health Care Center = 71 percent

Nursing home and skilled assembly facilities in Maryland

who have not submitted adequate COVID-19 vaccination data

  1. Long View Center for Rehabilitation and Health Care

  2. Ft. Washington Health Center

  3. Anchorage Health Center

  4. Blue Point Health Center

  5. Chestnut Green Health Center in Blakehurst

  6. Oak Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center

  7. Westminster Health Center

  8. Autumn Lake Health Care at Bridgepark

For more information on CRISP nursing home reporting requirements, please see this transmission to all administrators of retirement homes. Institutions are required to report certain information themselves on a weekly or daily basis.

For establishments with questions about the data reported for their establishment, send an email mdh.snfdata@maryland.gov.

For the most recent data on Maryland COVID-19, visit coronavirus.maryland.gov.

To schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment or see if you are eligible for a Pfizer COVID-19 booster, visit covidvax.maryland.gov. To find a place to take a COVID-19 test, visit covidtest.maryland.gov.

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