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Warning over ‘unsafe’ nursing home with residents at risk of ‘avoidable harm’


According to a recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) report, a nursing home was deemed “unsafe”, with residents at risk of preventable harm.

Derwent Lodge Nursing Home, on New Ferry Rd, was rated ‘Insufficient’ by the CQC after an inspection in December 2021, which identified serious concerns regarding risk management, care delivery and medication management in the home.

A further inspection was carried out in March this year and, while the facility’s overall rating has improved to ‘Improvement Needed’, the most recent report still contains alarming details about the quality of care.

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The report, published last week, found the medication management was unsafe, rendering the home in breach of Regulation 12 of the Health and Welfare Act 2008.

Some medications, such as insulin and inhaler stocks, could not be counted, while critical information about a person’s diabetes was missing and other information was difficult to track. It was therefore impossible to determine whether the person’s diabetes was being managed safely.

The CQC determined that there were no syringe pumps available in the home, despite some residents needing the equipment to receive prescribed anticipatory end-of-life medications.

Additionally, there were no effective checks to ensure medications were up to date and the facility did not regularly record residents’ fluid intake, putting them at risk of dehydration. Some people also felt the home was understaffed, with one parent describing the staff as “overworked, under pressure and not happy”.

Derwent Lodge, New Ferry, provides accommodation for up to 46 residents, including 23 people living in the house at the time of inspection. Most people living at home need nursing care and many have dementia.

The Birkenhead facility was placed in special measures in August 2021 and a new manager was appointed earlier this year. While the security clearance has not improved, the CQC found the new manager has had a positive impact on the home, with one parent noting things have “definitely improved” since his appointment.

A spokesperson for SureCare Group, which runs the facility, told ECHO: “The overall rating has improved to ‘Needs Improvement’ since the last report. We are currently working with the regulator, CQC, to agree on an action plan to improve the situation in the “Safe” category.